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Firm Profile

Based on a wealth of knowledge that goes beyond the law and many court experiences, we propose the best solution.


As a lawyer in Yokohama for 16 years, I have provided necessary legal treatment for various concerns of companies, municipalities and individuals. Lawyers fight to realize their invisible rights. Laws are not applied mechanically, and subtle changes occur in the way they are applied depending on the social situation at the time and the situation of the client. Sometimes it depends on the stance of the judge. I have made a great effort to explain this subtle and invisible knowledge to clients in a way that is easy to understand. With a strong intellectual curiosity and a spirit of respect for professionals in the field, I am ready to be interested in everything, to discover the achievements of each field, and to access the information that is being discussed.

As a New York State Attorney, my wife belongs to a company that has one of the largest legal departments in Japan, and we have an environment in which we can share with home how they are trying to overcome the most advanced social issues on a global scale, and what they are looking for from lawyers in the process. Therefore, I can predict the process in which these issues will be shared in the economic activities of the community, and I can provide an environment in which preventive treatment, which is one step ahead of other local companies, can be realized at the “reasonable fees”.

The business environment for lawyers is also before the dawn of a revolution. Now, civil litigation is available on the Web from filing to interrogation. In the past, one of the main reasons for having an office near a court, even if paying a high rent, was to improve the frequency of court appearances. However, the wave of work style reforms due to COVID-19 has also affected the way trials are conducted, and the barriers of physical distance between courts and offices have changed in the direction of disappearing, with most of the normal dates for civil defense now already taking place on the web.

This wave of change means that we will be able to deliver the legal services that we have cultivated in large-scale Courts such as the Tokyo District Court and the Yokohama District Court to all corners of the country. In areas where the number of lawyers is limited, not only is access to consultations insufficient in the first place, but it may be difficult to get access to lawyers who fight hard and are experienced in fighting.

In addition, I have dealt with many issues related to contract legal matters requiring English and personal legal matters for foreigners (family law, real estate transactions, etc.), but I am sure that there are still only a few counsels like town doctors.

 In order to be able to communicate in the same language as business managers and entrepreneurs, I will always thoroughly practice rational thinking, update the operating environment, and provide services based on the current.

CALAMVS Law Firm has been established to serve you as a legal counsel like a town doctor who brings together cutting-edge knowledge from Yokohama to the whole country and the world.

  • 8F Ocean Gate Bldg. 3-7-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 〒220−0012
  • TEL:050−5369−5666
  • Access: 2 minutes on foot from Minatomirai Station on the Minatomirai Line